Nae Excuse

“Nae Excuse” Anti Sectarian Project

“Sectarianism is not someone else’s problem.  It is an issue for all of us”. (Stand Up to Sectarianism, Scottish Government).

Between 2013 and 2017 Parkhead Youth Project was proactive alongside partners in putting sectarianism on the agenda. We secured funding from the Scottish Government to raise awareness of sectarianism and develop a programme for ages 10-18 years to explore issues of prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.

The project allowed young people and the wider community to challenge their beliefs and values surrounding sectarianism through a wide range of programmes and activities such as, peer education, art, photography, film, web design and drama. 

Throughout the life span of the project some of the projects that took place included a T-Shirt Slogan Competitions which is where our “Nae Excuse for Sectarianism” name came from. We delivered a per education programme where young people took the lead in exploring and challenged ingrained attitudes and behaviours, a football project in partnership with the Old Firm Alliance (Rangers and Celtic) and a piece of the theatre devised by young people called “Carol and the Skipping Rope Clubs” and we also developed a resources pack to assist schools and community organisations in leading their own anti-sectarian workshop.

The project is now embedded into the work we deliver at PYP. We continually provide information to raise awareness of sectarianism. 

You can download a copy of the Nae Excuse for Sectarian Abuse Resource Pack here: